Trance: The Cathy O’Brien Story

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Systematic Traumatisation

Trance: The Cathy O'Brien Story – 2022 | 8th House Films

An extremely powerful , Cathy O'Brien tells her devastating story of brutal abuse at the hands of a rogue satanic state.

As a child, Cathy O'Brien was sold into the 's MK ULTRA and exposed to world leaders at international level. Through her rescue and healing process, she was able to reclaim the memories of what she witnessed while under . Her story provides insight into how we've been mind controlled in the past, where we are going as a nation and how to reclaim personal and collective sovereignty.

“The criminals that I was exposed to under MK Ultra are still the same handful of criminals in control today.”

Cathy O'Brien

The information gathered in the programs has been used against the American people and the rest of the world with alarming saturation. Aspects of what has been learned due to the experiments can be seen in every corner of our society.

The intentional traumatisation has left a nation of bewildered followers, or triggered those who have awakened to the truth of the obvious control. Once one breaks through the veil of understanding, the systematic traumatisation of America reads like a manual from Mengele‘s original research. The formula of using trauma to control the victim is brought into a much larger scale and we see where mind-control takes over a collective nation and therefore the world.

“The whole founding of this is based on drugs, human and .”

Cathy O'Brien

The of the American people has seeped into the foundations of nearly every organised system. From the disintegration of the family unit, to genetically modified foods, fluoridated water, poisonous additives, heavy-metal toxicity, vaccinations, weather manipulations, , EMFs, pharmaceuticals.

Our bodies and minds have been hacked!

“Everything has flipped now and it's flipped to the good. That's why we're seeing the that's been around forever, it's been hiding in the shadows and we've just not known that it was going on. Now that we can see it, we need to start standing up and start doing something about it.”

Cathy O'Brien

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Source: Trance: The Cathy O'Brien Story

Source: TRANCE the Cathy O'Brien story

Source: Trance Cathy O'Brien


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