Control Factor

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Control Factor is a 2003 Sci Fi Pictures science fiction TV-movie. After a mysterious, disheveled man nearly kills him, insurance salesman Lance Bishop hears a voice in his head urging him to murder his wife. When he discovers he has become part of a mind-control programme.

Lance Bishop is a common thirty-three years old American citizen, married with his beloved wife Karen and working in an insurance company. When a deranged shooter invades the building where Lance works, and shoots killing and hurting some colleagues of Lance, the guy tries to kill him and tells that he is saving Lance from a horrible destiny. Soon Bishop has nightmares and his life changes when he discovers what is the cause of his bad dreams.

can only function when it understands those it governs. Do its citizen, when so violently deprived of their freedom, possess the will to retain it, or has their apathy become so great they are ambivalent to those who control them?


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