Patriot Purge – Part 3 | Tucker Carlson

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A gutsy new documentary series produced by host aims to set the story straight on the events of January 6, and the subsequent tyranny that fell on patriotic Americans who were set up that day.

Following the events of , the full force of the federal government was used to go after march attendees who were exercising their First Amendment rights to petition government for redress of grievances.

Carlson's film breaks down how the Security State apparatus was re-directed at the most patriotic Americans who don't want to see their country taken down from within.

The trailer was immediately pounced on by the liberal media, who claimed Tucker's new short film promoted racism and right-wing theories.

This is an investigative documentary of such boldness that it's core message is, it's shit or bust for America.

This is the concluded part of this great documentary.

Highly recommended by The_Void this expose is the kind of fare rarely seen on MSM over the last 50 years.



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