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How The Scum Stole America

President Trump was the figurehead of one last great attempt by western civilisation to save itself from ultimate destruction.

It's all too clear where we're heading now… global tyranny, medical fascism, governmental incompetence and the “shredding” of American democracy, along with the destruction of American power around the world.

Cheated. Marginalised. Propagandised.

It's not all doom and gloom… Liberals will be pleading with Trump to save them in 2024.

Fools paradise

Unite And Fight

We the people of western societies are now more united than ever before, and ready for 's push for population control and their Great Reset agenda.

We see you clearly, slime!!

Trump increased his vote from his victory in 2016 by over 10,000,000 votes, yet that wasn't enough to convince a lot of Republicans and every Liberal their election was stolen. Laugh out bloody loud! What a joke. A senile old man who couldn't get ten people to attend a rally, won more votes than any other candidate in American history. Absolute bollocks!! But hey, at least you'll be dragged to the concentration camps knowing the truth. For those who actually believe that Biden got more votes than any other American President in history, I've got some amazing deals going on a few of London's historic bridges. Take your pick.

We never give in…

Enjoy The Carnage

Now watch America rapidly implode. I see government dept going through the roof, the expansion of marxism in schools and universities and also in public office. Ilhan Omar will have blasphemy laws going through congress, the trans mob will take over the military and you'll have pink haired Generals leading the troops. It's definitely coming, along with complete humiliation for the American people worldwide. I'm absolutely sure of one thing, America will get to see how easily really fucked up people can destroy the most powerful nation on earth. The Chinese must be rubbing their hands.

“Sit back watch everything implode and then volunteer to be the local hangman”

Stolen dreams

Resistance Is Never Futile

Business habits, purchasing habits, user habits, they all have to change. Find out who you are giving your money to and choose wisely. No longer play their game. The consumer still has some power – well that is until the Chinese social credit system kicks in. are bad. is really, really bad. Big Pharma is absolutely evil. Period. Watch how easy the senile Biden makes it for the eugenicists to succeed.

The same fools built the tower of Babel

The globalists have to win or they are fucked, and they know it. They've crossed the Red line. Stealing elections from a nation with guns won't end well when they find out. They rushed their plan in their haste to bring down Trump, and that is where the seeds of their failure have been laid. Also I doubt very much that Biden will make the mid-terms before being deposed. If he does…

Some Demons

Gates, Soros, Bezos, Schwab, Dorsey, Zuckerberg

These are the names that will now forever be synonymous with the destruction of human freedom and liberty in the western world. Greedy self obsessed serial killers who hate humanity. The scum who think they actually rule the world. The depraved ones who want everything and who will destroy everything to get what they want.

Unite and Fight

The Greatest Menace Civilisation Has Ever Faced

First thing they're going to do is round up all the dissidents and the so-called troublemakers, next will be the readers… then it'll probably be a free for all. How many historical examples do you need? The digital world has made this pretty easy. That's why votes on paper have disappeared. Paper money will be gone at some point. Then social credit scores. If you're banned from the digital world you will no longer be able to sustain yourself or your family. They intend to eliminate you. Remove you from society. Break you. Watch the borders open up now that they've got rid of President Trump. The desperate will be used to destroy your culture, society and resistance.

Stop the Steal


For many of us, the Trump presidency was the start of something new. A bold new way of restructuring how things are done. Common sense, without war. Trump's legacy will be huge and worldwide. It reminded us all of the freedoms we've lost in the slow march of . The movement the president created will grow stronger and smarter. The Donald was the greatest, ever. He was a privilege to witness. It's very probable that he will be remembered as the last democratically elected leader in America. The last American President.

The Real President

Thank you, Mr President. What a ride!

“it is just a ride…”


Surviving Biden:


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