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#396: The of – 23 Dec 2023 |

If you understand the program that ran in Western Europe from the 1950s through the late 1970s, then you have a head-start in understanding in which happened during a 15-year period beginning in 1968. 

America's interests in created the justification in the eyes of Washington DC to exert its massive financial and military influence over the region in order to stop the potential spread of , which never actually materialised. What did materialise was authoritarian anti-Communist dictators that America installed and controlled through its many tentacles, but this subversion program took on a new look when the Church was added to the decision-making process.

was a United States-backed campaign of political repression and state , involving intelligence operations and -backed coups in . It formally began in November 1975 when Pinochet's spy chief, Manuel Contreras, invited 50 intelligence officers from Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil to the Army War Academy in Santiago. The operation aimed to target democratic governments and political parties, unions, student organisations, journalists, artists, teachers, intellectuals, opponents to the military juntas, and left-wing sympathisers.

Key aspects of include:

  • Formation of special teams: These teams were formed from member countries to locate and surveil targets. When the location and surveillance operation ended, a second team from would be dispatched to carry out the actual sanction against the target.
  • False documentation: Special teams would be issued false documentation from member countries of and European countries specifically mentioned for possible operations under the third phase of the plan.
  • Joint operations: Members of Uruguay and Chile engaged in joint operations, primarily in Argentina, against terrorist targets.

was concluded after the fall of the Argentinean military junta. The original was the covert cooperation of military dictatorships in in the 1970s to silence political opponents in exile. The campaign involved a network of intelligence agencies from the participating countries, which shared information and resources to track down and eliminate their enemies.

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