KILL ORDER: We Need to Talk About Kate | Investigation

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The Mystery of Missing – March 2024 |

Royal Flush |


Where is Kate?

KILL ORDER: We Need to Talk About Kate – March 2024 | Investigation

The recent controversy surrounding the edited photo of and her children released by Kensington Palace has raised questions about the royal family's use of edited images and the whereabouts of the princess.

The image, supposedly taken by Prince William for Mother's Day, faced scrutiny due to alterations, such as a missing cuff on Princess Charlotte's jumper and blurs on Catherine's hand and hair. It also transpired that Kate's head was transferred from a previous cover of Vogue. This incident has led to discussions about the implications of digital alterations in the age of and the challenges of maintaining public trust in images shared by the royal family and other public figures.

Kensington Palace release a blatantly fake image.

was last seen in public on Christmas Day before being admitted to the hospital for “planned abdominal surgery” on January 16. Since then, it has been reported that she has been recovering and was recently spotted in public for the first time since her surgery. The supposed sightings of include being photographed near Windsor Castle, being driven by her mother, Carole Middleton but it has been revealed that the person said to be Kate is not actually her as she is missing a mole to the right of her mouth.

So where is the princess?

Spot The Fakery
Devil details.


Ludicrous Diversions

Imagery experts and concerned internet sleuths have highlighted issues with the editing, suggesting poor image manipulation. The photo's metadata revealed it was saved twice in Adobe , raising further questions about its authenticity. It was later reported that acknowledged the editing, stating she occasionally experiments with editing and apologised for any confusion caused by the photo, as if that was remotely feasible. The release of this edited image has sparked concerns about transparency and authenticity in royal communications, leading to a public relations disaster for the royal family.

As if! More gaslighting from Kensington Palace.
Busy Photoshopping

Kill Order

Adding to the intrigue, The Associated Press (AP) issued a “kill notification” for the photo of and her children. This notification was sent to journalists, stating that upon closer inspection, it appeared that the image had been manipulated. As a result, the AP decided not to send a replacement photo. Other major news agencies like Reuters, AFP, and Getty Images also removed the photo from their press libraries due to “concerns about manipulation.”

The decision to issue a “kill notification” is significant in the media industry and indicates that the image was deemed unsuitable for distribution due to suspected alterations.

KILL! KILL! KILL! – Unprecedented AP Kill Notice.
So much fake.
Vogue! – On the cover of a magazine.

So what's going on here?

The End of The Royals

Are the wizards seeding the narrative for the demise of the royal family, as per the Miri Finch hypothesis? It sure does appear that way. The royals have served their purpose and now it's time for them to go. explains,

“If you want to have a one world government, you can't have a royal family knocking around can you?”

“Get rid of the royal family, then we're just ready for the whole world to become one giant grey flattened car park of dystopia.”

More Online Censorship

It's also becoming clear that the intense speculation and concern surrounding will fuel calls for increased censorship and restrictions on free speech online. As rumours circulate, especially in the absence of official statements or clarifications, it seems likely that these discussions will be portrayed as harmful or invasive, leading to demands for tighter control over online content. The scrutiny faced by public figures like often result in attempts to suppress certain discussions or information deemed sensitive or damaging, I.E. the governments frequently used D-Notice.

In the case of , the online speculation about her whereabouts, her surgery, the alleged affair rumours, the strange death of Thomas Kingston, and the fake photos have all led to an unprecedented and intriguing chain of events.

The story so far…

The Kate Gate Timeline
  • December, 25 2023: Kate's last public appearance, seen leaving church services at Sandringham.
  • January 16, 2024: Kensington Palace reports that Kate undergoes abdominal surgery at a London Clinic.
  • January 17, 2024: Kensington Palace announces Kate's successful surgery and expects her to remain hospitalised for 10 to 14 days. She is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter.
  • January 18, 2024: Prince William photographed leaving the hospital where Kate was recovering from surgery.
  • January 27, 2024: Newsweek reports that Coma Theory ‘Ludicrous'.
  • January 29, 2024: Kate reportedly returns home to Windsor Castle to continue her recovery after a two-week hospital stay.
  • February 5, 2024: King Charles announces cancer diagnosis.
  • February 7, 2024: Prince William resumes public duties following Kate's surgery.
  • February 25, 2024: Thomas Kingston dies after a traumatic head wound.
  • March 4, 2024: Kate is apparently spotted in public for the first time since December, driving near Windsor Castle with her mother but is missing the mole on her face.
Where it started – Carole Middleton driving with Kate. Perhaps not.
  • March 10, 2024: Kensington Palace shares the first official photo of Kate post-surgery with her children. The photo is later pulled from circulation due to obvious manipulation.
  • March 11, 2024: Kate issues an apology for sharing the edited image and is supposedly photographed leaving Windsor Castle with Prince William.
  • March 12, 2024: Is it related? A car crashes into the brick wall outside Windsor Castle. 
  • March 13, 2024: Speculation arose about Kate's absence possibly being related to rumours of Prince William's alleged affair.
  • March 18, 2024: The Sun and TMZ published a video that they said was and Prince William shopping at a farm shop near their home in Windsor. This video sparked speculation and controversy, with many questioning its authenticity as the person reported to be Kate looks nothing like her.
The Kate Replacement

An anonymous phone video from a member of the public published by the gutter fake stream. Not officially confirmed.

To be fair, it's probably time to call the police now…

The mystery continues…

  • March 22, 2024: In a video released by AP, announced that she had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, revealing the shocking diagnosis in a video message. But this video doesn't persuade internet investigations, as to many, this video clearly looks AI-generated.

announces she has cancer in video message – 22 Mar 2024 | Associated Press

We have some questions

  • Where is the future King? And why is he not comforting the future queen in her moment of anguish? Surely this would be the most natural royal image in a time of crisis?
  • Why is there is a complete lack of movement in the background? Released in the UK in blustery March, there is not a flutter of wind or the swaying of a daffodil, yet we know the weather on the day was breezy and, while sunny, it was cold.
  • The missing ring. Why does Kate's ring disappear and reappear?

Conclusion: AI-generated deep-fake.

Heads Together | Place2Be

If you're still unconvinced that something unprecedented in royal circles is going on, we'll leave the final word to the man who has so eloquently portrayed the last five years in graphic detail:

“Imagine the most sophisticated PR machine in the world coming up with this:

“As you are aware, Your Royal Highness, there has been widespread speculation and all kinds of nasty theories circulating about your absence. We haven't managed this very well thus far. In fact, we've made a complete pig's ear of it. But now we're going to fix everything. We've put our best people on this and here's what we're going to do:

Just you perched awkwardly on a bench. Minimal makeup. Uncharacteristically pale skin. Tired eyes. But inexplicably immaculate and perfectly symmetrical hair. You mustn't touch your hair in that natural, spontaneous way you always do. You know, that thing that makes people subconsciously know it's definitely you. NEVER touch your hair. Or flick it. Don't flick your hair back or do any of those natural, human movements that, incidentally, deep fake technology still struggles to pull off. Keep your hands in your lap. DO NOT lift them off your legs.

There will be no establishing shots. The last thing we want to do is film you walking through the garden, holding hands with William or picking daffodils with your children, like we would normally do. Not even you on your own, walking up to the bench and sitting down. Or getting up at the end. It's just going to be BOOM! HELLO HERE I AM ON A BENCH. ALONE. I'VE GOT CANCER, LIKE MOST OF YOU NOW – LOL – THANKS A LOT BYE.

Not even indoors surrounded by photographs of the family, as we also normally like to do these things. No. This will be unlike any other filmed message we've ever produced, in a deliberately confusing way. In fact, it's going to be done in a way that no filmmaker or videographer would ever, ever choose to shoot something like this.

We've written a script for you. It's mainly talking about how comforting it is to have William by your side. It's very important that you emphasise this because he will NOT be by your side as you say it. This will not make any sense at all, to anybody. Next to you will just be an egg-shaped void where your husband's head should be. It's the stupidest thing in the world to not have at least one shot of you with your husband. So we're not going to have one.

The take away from this needs to be that you're a frightened, sickly woman whose only friend in the world is a fucking bench and nobody understands how you got there. Also, if you blink at an almost impossible, inhuman rate. We won't do another take. That's the one we'll use.

Obviously, the really smart way to do this would be to invite a BBC journalist to do a candid interview with you, somebody like Nick Robinson, who also suffered from cancer and also told everyone to get the injections that cause horrific cancers. Just like you! Anyway, he could talk to you, perhaps on a sofa, candidly but with respect and sensitivity, and you could reveal your situation to the world. We could even subtly place a copy of that day's paper on the coffee table in front of you as a wry, playful, ‘fuck you' to all the theorists. People would love that. It also shows you still have a sense of humour.

But we've decided not to do any of those things. We're going for this really weird, unsettling, off-brand, totally inexplicable bench monologue. Like a Mr Bean sketch, but with fewer laughs”

Bob Moran | Twitter –

The Ring of Truth
Heads TogetherAI Training Material

Ongoing Speculation

The internet has been abuzz with theories about Kate's health and whereabouts fuelled by a lack of information from officialdom and the myriad of hangers on that surround these parasites.

The machine stops.

Bunker Theory?

Corpse Theory?

Escape Theory?

While the world is falling apart around our ears, and so many prominent figures seem to be disappearing or withdrawing from public life, maybe the simplest explanation is the obvious one.

From The_Void on Telegram 

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