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The Hidden Hand

– 14 Mar 2024 | TLBNAWKI

is a well documented group that is composed of influential individuals from various fields, including politics, finance, business, and .

According to some, wields immense power and influence over world events, manipulating governments, economies, and societies to further its own agenda. Some suggest that seeks to establish a totalitarian “One World Government” or “.”

is a concept that has been discussed in various sources, including books and online forums. It is often portrayed as a secretive and powerful group that allegedly controls many aspects of society, such as politics, commerce, and industry. The idea of originated from comments made in the early 20th century, suggesting that the fate of Europe was influenced by a small group of individuals closely connected and powerful. This concept has been linked to research and notions of a hidden elite manipulating world events for their benefit.

is described as an all-powerful group that transcends national boundaries, operates above the laws of countries, and controls various sectors like politics, , banking, and more. It is depicted as a group that remains largely unknown to the public but wields significant influence behind the scenes. is often associated with theories of brainwashing, manipulation, and the orchestration of global events to serve its own agenda.

The entities associated with , include:

  1. : is also known as , a group that researchers claim was founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and exerts control over various sectors like politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military on a global scale.
  2. The : Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich suggested that may also be known as the “Hidden Hand,” with the of international financiers playing a significant role within this group, along with other top national banking institutions and royal families worldwide.
  3. : , a cohesive entity of new-science scientists, globalists, future planners, and internationalists, is mentioned as being associated with . Members of , such as Walter A. Hahn, Ann Cheatham, and Douglas Ross, are highlighted for their roles in influencing legislation and government perspectives.
  4. Members: Some prominent members of are linked to , including individuals like Harland Cleveland, Joseph Slater, Donald Lesh, George McGhee, and Claiborne Pell, who hold multiple offices and are part of this influential group.
  5. Various Influential Figures: includes a range of influential figures from different sectors, such as KGB agents, members of the United Auto Workers Executive Board, CBS programs producers, directors of foundations, and individuals tied to major insurance companies and banks, among others.

Source: The Committee Of 300 – YouTube


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