Forces Occultes

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Occult Forces

Forces Occultes (1943)

Forces Occultes is a French film from 1943 that depicts a young member of parliament, Pierre Avenel, who joins the Freemasons in order to advance his political career. However, he soon discovers that the Freemasons are conspiring with Jews and Anglo-American nations to push into a war against Germany.

The film was commissioned in 1942 by the Nazi Propaganda Abteilung in occupied and was directed by Jean Mamy (using the pseudonym Paul Riche), a former Freemason. It virulently denounces , parliamentarianism and Jews as part of the Vichy regime's campaign against them.

After 's liberation in 1945, the film's writer Jean Marquès-Rivière, producer Robert Muzard, and director Jean Mamy were punished for collaborating with the Nazis. Marquès-Rivière was condemned to death in absentia, while Mamy was executed by firing squad in 1949.

Forces Occultes is considered the most virulent and accomplished audiovisual document in the history of anti- propaganda. The film's message is still seen as controversial but was a box office success in 1943.



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