Subversive Origins of Communism | Robert Sepehr

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Totalitarian Order

Subversive Origins of – 27 Jan 2024 |

discusses the origins of as a sociopolitical, philosophical, cultural, and economic ideology within the socialist movement. 

is a left-wing to far-left sociopolitical, philosophical, cultural and economic ideology within the socialist movement, whose end goal is the creation of a radical Marxist global society, a totalitarian order cantered around a non-elected centralised ruling elite that enforces common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, as well as a culturally egalitarian social order hostile to nationalism, free speech, private property, traditional family values and biologically-based gender identification or ancestral heritage. has been criticised for often leading to totalitarian regimes, human rights abuses, and economic stagnation.

“The new order” never delivers on its promises and eventually resembles the old order, except with power changing hands to a less competent and ineffective form of totalitarian rule.”

Source: Subversive Origins of Communism – ROBERT SEPEHR


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