Hidden History of Zionism | Robert Sepehr

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What is Zionism?

Hidden of – 20 Jan 2023 |

The term “” is derived from the word Zion, a hill in Jerusalem, widely symbolising the Land of . It is both a religious and nationalist movement, but what are its esoteric origins, political expectations, and hidden ?

The hidden of is a controversial topic that challenges the conventional understanding of and the state of . According to some sources, was threatened by the Jews themselves, and European Jewry had never manifested any interest in colonising . remained a fringe movement among the Jews, who aspired to live in the countries of their birth free of discrimination or to escape persecution. The Zionist leadership opposed belligerently all efforts to find refuge for fleeing Jews. The intent was to replace the indigenous population with a new settler community, to eradicate the farmers, artisans, and town-dwellers of . Historical records were falsified, and the Zionist movement sought alternative imperial sponsors for this enterprise.

Source: Hidden History of Zionism – ROBERT SEPEHR


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