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: ‘I Sold My Soul to…' – July 2024 |

A deep dive into the fictional film ‘Secret Honor' (d. ) in which a plausible case is made for the scandalised former president as a puppet, not king, controlled by a shadowy plutocratic ‘Council of 100' that converges around the secret society retreat at… none other than the .

“Secret Honor” is a 1984 political satire film directed by , based on a stage play by Donald Freed and Arnold M. Stone. The film features a single actor, , who portrays a fictionalised version of former U.S. President Richard in a monologue delivered in his private office.

The film is set after the scandal, with reflecting on his political career and the events that led to his resignation. He ponders a pardon he has been offered for his role in the scandal and contrasts his “secret honor” with his public disgrace. also rails against the Kennedy family, Helen Gahagan Douglas, , and a mysterious cabal he calls “The ”, a group of powerful figures he claims orchestrated his downfall.

's performance as has been widely praised as one of the greatest portrayals of the disgraced former president. Unlike other films like Oliver Stone's “” or Ron Howard's “Frost/”, “Secret Honor” does not attempt to present a definitive truth about . Instead, Altman creates a more fragmented and complex character, with depicted as both a raging bull and a wounded child.

The film's unique setting, with addressing a jury of himself, the audience, and the political figures he admires and detests, adds to the sense of profound scrutiny. Altman's direction and the intimate nature of the single-actor performance make “Secret Honor” a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of one of America's most controversial presidents.

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