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is a Nemeton – May 2024 |

The nemeton was a fundamental part of ancient Celtic religion, serving as a sacred natural space or grove where religious ceremonies and offerings took place.

The controversy surrounding revolves around allegations and speculations about the secretive nature of this exclusive men's club. The club, founded in 1872, hosts an annual summer retreat that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Some claim that the Grove is a gathering place for the world's elite where sinister activities, including human sacrifices, are rumored to take place. These claims have been fueled by leaked footage of alleged rituals and the presence of influential figures like politicians, corporate heads, and celebrities at the retreat. Despite the secretive nature of the club and the persistent rumors, the true activities and discussions that occur at remain closely guarded secrets due to the strict confidentiality maintained by its members.

Source: Bohemian Grove Is A Nemeton – YouTube


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