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Revel in The Mystery

The Mysterium – May 2024 |

We are a species with amnesia, humanity has forgotten its roots and origins.

Our collective memory and understanding of our past are incomplete and distorted, leading to a sense of disconnection and confusion about our place in the world. looks into the contradictions and inconsistencies in the historical record.

“In pursuit of the divine, one is to scrape away falsehoods, wherever they be found. Enabling one to bask in the blazing , or to revel in the elixir of mystery!”

Mark Knight aka

The distortion and omission of historical events in education and media has contributed to a lack of understanding of our past, leading to a disconnect from our origins. This selective memory has shaped societal narratives and perceptions, influencing how individuals view themselves and their place in the world. Furthermore, the prioritisation of materialism and consumerism over spiritual and philosophical exploration can also be seen as a way in which humanity has strayed from its roots, focusing more on external gratification rather than introspection and self-discovery. 16 years of heretic investigation.

Source: The Old World Mysterium. Part 1 of 2.


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