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Trust The Trustees

What Trusting Really Means – Jan 2024 |

break down the layers of meaning and deception behind 's duplicitous 2024 confab themed around “rebuilding trust.”

At first glance, it seemed almost as if popular revolt and a resounding rejection of their “Global Reset” agenda had instilled a sort of shame in the self-proclaimed elite. But instead, 2024 reveals the usual suspects yet again doubling down on , and characterising themselves as “trustees” of a world state of their own design, with dire consequences for individual in the emerging era driven by AI tech.

“Can you rebuild what just isn't there and never was? It's laughable!”

The () has faced significant criticism and mistrust, with some perceiving it as representing an unelected ruling class. The organisation is primarily funded by membership and partnership fees, with a large majority of its funding provided by significant business entities. Critics have accused the of being a secret cabal and have associated it with global capitalism, contributing to the deep mistrust surrounding the organisation. The 's annual meeting in , which brings together political, business, and other leaders, has been a focal point of criticism and suspicion. 

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