The Taylor Swift PsyOp: The Long History of Culture Creation | Jay Dyer

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Frances Stonor Saunders – The Cultural Cold War – June 2021

talked about how the Central Intelligence Agency created the Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1947 as a secret program of cultural in Western Europe. The program focused on creating and sponsoring pro-American arts and literature. Following her remarks she answered questions from the audience. is the author of The Cultural Cold War: The and the World of Arts and Letters, published by the New Press. (5-23-2000)

Culture Creation

The PsyOp:
The Long of Intelligence Created Culture – 31 Jan 2024 |

discusses the long of and how the is not only corrupt, but part of a much deeper operation to alter our perceptions of all areas of life.

This is partly why so many stars and celebrities have been spies or intel assets, but it runs much deeper than merely spying: ultimately, the “news” media, modern “art,” literature and more become arms of the establishment to push American soft power. Even soft power is still benign compared to the weaponisation and use of occultism, etc., which is equally as real.

Agents and Assets

The “PsyOp” suggests 's personal life and public image are part of a psychological operation to influence political outcomes. This theory postulates that Swift's relationship with a top football star and her supposed support for certain political figures are orchestrated to manipulate public opinion.

Cultural creation by , , and of International Affairs is a well-documented phenomenon. Cultural records and interprets past events involving human beings through the social, cultural, and political milieu of or relating to the arts and manners that a group favours. The principles of modern psychology originated in esoteric, which is also the root of modern espionage and intelligence psyops. Organisational culture refers to the constellation of values, beliefs, identities, and artefacts that both shape and emerge from the interactions among the formal members of the intelligence community.

plays a significant role in shaping culture through its movies and TV shows. Every movie created in is developed and set on a specific culture, portraying certain beliefs, languages, and ways of life.  films have a profound impact on pop culture, shaping society and influencing trends in various aspects of our lives. They have the power to challenge societal norms, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity. Filmmakers are often guided by the expectations and preferences of their target audience, and the content of films is heavily influenced by culture.  films have been successful in penetrating foreign markets, influencing local tastes and preferences, and contributing to the spread of American culture, such as fashion, music, and language. has the power to influence culture by shaping our beliefs and values, often blurring the line between fiction and reality. Filmmakers and storytellers can leave a lasting impact on societal norms.  films have helped raise awareness and inspire change by depicting historical injustices and driving social change by spotlighting social movements.  has a significant impact on society by shaping cultural attitudes, values, and beliefs, and has contributed to the spread of global cultural trends.

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Source: The Taylor Swift PsyOp: The Long History of Intelligence Created Culture

Source: The Taylor Swift PsyOp: The Long History of Intelligence Created Culture


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