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SPARS 2025 – 2028 | The Blueprint For Total Collapse of Civilisation | Jay’s Analysis

The C0V1D-l9 vaccine is a globalist bio-attack meant to usher in the New World Order.

Jay Dyer: The System They Want is Fundamentally Anti Human | The Delingpod

People imagine that the authority figures have their best interests at heart.

The Dark Art Occult Psyop of Serial Killers with Jay Dyer | Tin Foil Hat

Jay Dyer discusses the insane connection between serial killers and the Military, the Elites and the Occult!

Great Reset + Alien Disclosure & Counterintelligence Part 2 | Jay Dyer / Richard Grove

Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope and the Grand Theft World Podcast RETURNS!

The Great Reset, Inclusive Capitalism, The Vatican & Klaus Schwab | Jay Dyer / Richard Grove

Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope joins Jay Dyer to cover the recent shocking admissions on the part of 'The Great Reset'.

San Bernardino Shooting: Islam, The West & False Flags

https://redice.tv/a/a/r/15/RIR-151205-jaydyer-hr1.mp3 Red…

Dialectic Enlightenment & The Entertainment Industrial Complex | Red Ice Radio

https://redice.tv/a/a/r/14/RIR-141229-jaydyer-hr1.mp3 Red…