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You'll Own Nothing, Eat Bugs and Be Happy. 

returns to ‘Our lnteresting Times' to discuss his recent lecture “Understanding Austerity, Managed Crises & Great Reset.” Jay is a writer, lecturer, researcher and author of Esoteric Hollywood and Esoteric Hollywood 2.

“The system has nothing to do with markets and competition, it just has to do with control. It doesn't matter if it's communist collectivism or corporate collectivism, it's the same system. The future system is the merging of capitalism and communism, it's the third way.”

Five examples of war game scenarios that clearly planned out 2020 and beyond: 

  1. Operation Lockstep
  2. Clade X
  3. Crimson Contagion
  4. SPARS
  5. Event 201

Source: Economic Collapse, Austerity, Managed Crises And The Great Reset

Source: Jay Dyer on Austerity, Managed Crises and the Great Reset


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