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Creating The One World System

The Greatest History Never Told – 24 Jun 2023 |

Recorded in Stockholm with , and packed with illustrations and clips, a good, very clear run through of the history of the globalists.

The geopolitical history of Rockefeller/Carnegie/Ford foundations, through to the Rockefeller influential dominance in the 1940's. Their creation of League of Nations (soon to become the and ). The intrigue accelerates with the founding of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The , Club of Rome, European Management Forum (to soon become the ), UN , the Earth Charter Commission, the – and a dizzying array of increasingly powerful organisations thru to the 2000's.

“Everything connects. It's easy to put this together and see that it's an enormous scam of epic proportions that's threatening all of our futures.”

A truly pivotal moment occurred in 2019, when the massively expanded …quietly signed a partnering contract with the (an event with massive implications – but zero media coverage, of course).

Rockefeller, Controlling the Game – Jacob Nordangard

In short this epic production explains the bizarre behavior of Covid, Climate, Trans, etc, etc. – the whole shooting match, decoded.

Source: “The Greatest History Never Told” – Full Feature Explains All! – YouTube


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