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Police Helped Create a Two Tier Society

– 25 June 2023 |

Former Coldstream Guards officer, policeman and Afghanistan vet, chats to James about his awakening, why he resigned from the during the ‘Covid' shenanigans on a point of principle, and what we can do to resist when they've got all the weapons and institutions and all we've got is the numbers.

“Policing of the Covid regulations was optional, it did not need to be done. There are forty-three constabularies in the United Kingdom and not a single one of them decided that they were not going to those .”

refers to ‘Coronavirus: Enforcing '
House of Commons Briefing Paper 9024

Coronavirus: Enforcing
House of Commons Briefing Paper 9024

restriction enforcement was an operational matter for the . This means leaders (not national or local politicians) decided whether and how to deploy their officers to enforcement. The National Chief's Council said chief officers assessed…

…the threats and risks in their local areas, alongside the national and local in place, and… [resource] their patrols and responses accordingly.”

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