The Hamburg Syndrome

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Predictive Programming

The Hamburg Syndrome (German: Die Hamburger Krankheit) is a 1979 West German-French science fiction film directed by Peter Fleischmann and starring Helmut Griem, and . The film is about an outbreak of an epidemic and quarantine.

Fleischmann first conceived of the film after talking to an English epidemiologist in Greece in the 1970s, who was convinced that humans only got to where they are today through catastrophes: “Imagine there is a plague of rats and a poison is used that kills all but two of the rats because they are more resilient. From these two a new race is born, which has made a huge leap forward compared to the old one. Without the catastrophe, the same development would have taken centuries.

A deadly disease breaks out in Hamburg. In a quarantine camp, a doctor, a young woman, a hotdog vendor and an anarchist in a wheelchair get to know each other. Together they manage to escape…

The movies soundtrack is by Jean-Michel Jarre



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