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Systematic Poisoning

– 10 May 2024 |

is a retired R&D executive now dedicated to revealing the true nature of the Covid plandemic and global agenda.

is a retired pharmaceutical executive who has dedicated herself to exposing what she believes are and murder protocols related to the “ pandemic”. She has made claims that the “ ” are and that there are “murder protocols” in place to harm people. She claims the U.S. government and health agencies are involved in a to commit mass murder.

Sasha transitioned from her corporate role to dedicate her efforts to shedding light on the underlying aspects of the “ pandemic” and its broader implications. 's work involves delving into the complexities of the supposed pandemic and revealing insights that challenge conventional narratives, aiming to provide a deeper understanding of the situation.

How Bad is Your Batch?

Latypova, a clinical trial expert, has expressed concerns about the lack of compliance with good manufacturing practices in the manufacturing of “ ”. She discovered through vaccine adverse event reporting system data that certain lot numbers had a thousand percent variability in adverse events and deaths recorded. Additionally, Latypova has raised issues about the Department of Defence's strong role in the vaccine development process, lack of transparency, and accountability in the production and distribution of “ ”. Her work emphasises the importance of scrutinising international pandemic regulations, advocating for vigilance, resistance to regulations, and community engagement to address discrepancies in “” and vaccine data.

Military Operation

Latypova has highlighted the Department of Defence's () significant involvement in the “ vaccine” development and has expressed concerns about the 's role as an instigator of vaccine mandates and the 's use in distributing what she refers to as “non-compliant products,” including biologicals and chemicals, under the guise of public health. Latypova has emphasised that the “ ” were a -backed activity, manufactured under defence contracts utilising the Defence Production Act, Other Transaction Authority, and Emergency Use Authorisation. She has pointed out that this combination of legal mechanisms allows the products to bypass good manufacturing practice compliance laws, leading to a lack of transparency and accountability in the production and distribution of “ ”.

Sasha Latypova – Substack

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