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The Biggest Human Event in History

 – 23 March 2023 |

and discuss geopolitics and dissect viral myths and the bogus coronavirus .

“I'm arguing for real science, I'm arguing for controlled experiments to back up the claims and the stack of papers that produce the so-called evidence of ‘COVID' and ‘spread'. Where are the controlled experiments? Can it be repeated? Can it be falsified? Everything else is downstream from that. If that doesn't make sense, if that doesn't hold water, then you can just write everything else downstream off. But people have bonded to the trauma, they've bonded with the narrative and it always comes back to “I was sick” or “my aunt Sally was sick and my dog had covid at the same time and it was really bad” that's the default position.”

“Just because I can't explain your flu doesn't mean you have the right to default to the dominant narrative, that's not logical that's just your emotion.”

is founder and managing editor of the news website , and is an independent foreign and political affairs analyst for RT International. He is also the host of the talk radio program which airs live every Sunday on the Alternate Current Radio Network.

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See more of Patrick's work at: patrickhenningsen.com

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