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Canadian Cruelty

Pastor Artur Pawlowski – May 2024 |

Polish-Canadian Evangelical Minister, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, relays to James his experience of standing up to multiple Canadian authorities during the ‘ pandemic'. His tale of mistreatment including , bribery and corruption needs to be heard, far and wide.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski faced significant harassment and persecution at the hands of the Canadian regime for his refusal to comply with “” restrictions on religious gatherings.

Pawlowski, a Canadian pastor, has been arrested multiple times for defying orders to shut down his church during the “pandemic”. In one incident, Pawlowski confronted who entered his church on Easter to ensure “” guidelines were being followed, likening their actions to the religious restrictions he witnessed growing up “behind the Iron Curtain” in a Communist dictatorship.

Pawlowski stated that the were “illegally encroaching on our rights during the most holy days during the Passover celebration” and that he felt it was his duty as a shepherd to “fend off the wolves”.

The Canadian government has used the “” lockdowns as a means to target and restrict religious freedom, with Pawlowski believing they were trying to “squash religious freedom and target his church to prohibit worship on the Holiest day of the year”. He has faced harassment, intimidation, and no-trespass orders from health inspectors and for refusing to comply with restrictions on his church services.

Source: Pastor Artur Pawlowski


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