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The New System

World War 3 – Frontline Report |

Those who know nothing still think that everything outside of their narrow lives must be a conspiracy theory. Those who know a little call it the ‘’ and those who are implementing it call it ‘Global Governance’: 

A technocratic and the control of everything. 

Serving the New System

The new system is created by an elite clique and a priest class who impose it, the surfs are now the middle classes, the very people who believed their . If you’ve got the facts, your best suited for survival in the new system.

“Many have been mentored into the fantasy utopia of the UN.”

The UN is a global mafia, unseen in the eyes of the public. A great big ‘benevolent’ organisation that most people know nothing about. 


Source: World War 3 – Frontline Report | Spreaker


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