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The New System

World War 3 – Frontline Report |

Those who know nothing still think that everything outside of their narrow lives must be a conspiracy theory. Those who know a little call it the ‘' and those who are implementing it call it ‘Global Governance': 

A technocratic and the control of everything. 

Serving the New System

The new system is created by an elite clique and a priest class who impose it, the surfs are now the middle classes, the very people who believed their government. If you've got the facts, your best suited for survival in the new system.

“Many have been mentored into the fantasy utopia of the UN.”

Mark Windows

The UN is a global mafia, unseen in the eyes of the public. A great big ‘benevolent' organisation that most people know nothing about. 


Source: World War 3 – Frontline Report | Spreaker


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