An Expose of America’s Illuminati | Millennium 2000

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The Oligarchy of Evil 

An Expose of Americas Illuminati – 1998 |

War has been declared against you. There isn't anything that you have or hoped to have that they are not planning on taking away. They want it all.

A grave warning from 1998, in conversation with , and Ray Yunger: “We are being led like sheep to the slaughter.”

“The American dream is over, the American nightmare is here.”

Ridiculed then, ridiculed now. How?

“There isn't anything you ever had, there isn't anything you own, there isn't any right that you possess that they're not planning on taking away. They want it all!”

The demonic design of the US capital, set in stone was laid out by Master Masons in the shape of Pyramid. Early on, these Warlocks of Washington plotted to place their Satanic Symbols into the foundations of our society and gain control over America's banking system. The American public knows next to nothing about “those” shadowy Faustian figures who run and ruin this now Naziized Nation from the corporate boardrooms of the Major Banking Institutions.

America today has essentially a one party system run by and for the benefit and pleasure of the International Banksters, who are sucking away the very sustenance of this once great nation. Their goal is to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT upon the ashes of American sovereignty. Adolf Hitler wrote THE . What's more frightening is that the political pimps and parasites along the Potomac who are doing the bankers' bidding are attempting to install it upon the wreckage of America.

Source: Millennium 2000: An Expose of Americas Illuminati (1998)


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