The Strange Case of Edinson Cavani and the Fake Hate Crime | Opinion

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Far-Right-Left-Footed Striker who's good with his head gets ‘Fashed' off.

Woke Mobs Are Looking For Sacrificial Lambs Everywhere.

One of the worlds great strikers decides to grace the Premier League by joining and is immediately branded a bigoted racist by , The and all and sundry.

With no consideration for his language, culture, or intention, the pile-on was immediate. He was labelled for life by the media, and every other uneducated, virtue signalling hypocrite as a racist and then punished with a three match ban and a £100,000 fine.

His crime?

Using a word in his native language (Spanish) in a reply to a friend who had posted “congratulations”, on Instagram, after he had scored a sensational late winner at Old Trafford.

, 33, had replied to a message congratulating him for his match-winning display against Southampton with a post using the Spanish word ‘negrito'.

The word translates as ‘little black person'. It is commonly used as a term of endearment in Uruguay, and many other Spanish-speaking countries, but it is considered offensive elsewhere. (ie in Woketopia)

The offending post. Instagram/

The punishment was immediate for the far-right-two-footed striker.

Condemned. Labeled. Denigrated. Castigated. And subsequently ordered to undergo a period of reeducation.

The Marxist Fascist template in a nutshell. They're coming for the opiate of the masses. If allowed it will have the usual marxist ending with the destruction of the .

The only racism here it would seem, is the and 's failure to understand and consider a Uraguayan's language and culture.

As for the great Uruguayan himself, from a country that has experience of Marxism and Fascism, he maintains his dignity.

What a wonderfully warm English welcome!




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