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The Great Reset

Stakeholder – 19 Apr 2024 | Yellow Forum

In 2020, governments, in collusion with the 's “Stakeholders”, discretely and undemocratically enacted a global ten-year transition to an authoritarian political system, called Stakeholder .

After propagating a Marxist idea that black and trans people are oppressed and indoctrinating us to fear , the Stakeholders are mandating their pre-planned political system, which its criminal mastermind, , alleges is better for ‘people and planet'.

Will we push back before A.I. takes our jobs, our wealth shifts to the Stakeholders and we become vulnerable to ? Join tech entrepreneur, , as he investigates transition to Stakeholder .

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The Ideology of Stakeholder

Stakeholder , often hailed as a progressive approach to corporate governance, has come under scrutiny as it echos elements of Stakeholder . Critics argue that the ideology of Stakeholder may have consequences that resemble a more centralised and controlled system akin to .

Profitability Predicament and Market Distortions

Critics highlight a fundamental concern that embracing Stakeholder could jeopardise a company's profitability by diverting resources towards social and environmental initiatives, distorting market incentives. This shift in focus away from shareholder primacy towards a multi-stakeholder approach raises questions about the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of businesses.

Lack of Clear Decision-Making Rules

One of the key criticisms revolves around the lack of a clear decision rule for resolving trade-offs between different stakeholder interests, leading to ambiguity and conflicts within corporate governance structures. This ambiguity can create challenges in effectively balancing the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Self-Serving Behaviour and Corporate Interests

Critics caution against the potential for self-serving behaviour by corporate leaders under the guise of Stakeholder , where decisions may prioritise personal gain over the interests of stakeholders. This raises concerns about the true intentions behind the adoption of Stakeholder by corporations.

Equating Stakeholder Capitalism with “Wokeism”

Some critics have equated Stakeholder with “wokeism” and a corporate strategy to gain more profit and power, rather than a genuine commitment to stakeholder interests. This perspective challenges the narrative of Stakeholder as a progressive and inclusive model for corporate governance.

Further reading and references:

“Stakeholder ” serves as a cautionary reminder to thoroughly assess the implications and potential risks associated with the ideology of Stakeholder systems.

Source: Stakeholder Communism – Feature-Length Documentary – YouTube


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