HOAXED: Everything They Told You Is a Lie | Mike Cernovich

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Everything They Told You Is a Lie

Hoaxed Documentary – 2019 | Mike Cernovich

HOAXED is an insider’s look at the Fake News phenomenon and the consequences of media misinformation, with interviews from those who have been accused of spreading it themselves. 

We all know the feeling of logging onto the Internet and reading stories. The latest story is that Joy Reid’s computer was hacked by time travelers. is a , that is, an artificial construct of reality. What we know as “the ” simply isn’t true.

“The is not ‘’, the is .”

Luke Rudkowski

is a crowd-funded produced by (). Cernovich’s last film about included icons like Alan Dershowitz, Candace Owens, and . , if you can believe it, has an even greater cast.

Source: Hoaxed (2019) – Documentary | Everything They Told You Is a Lie

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