UNderstanding Agenda 2030: The Digital Gulag | UK Column

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Topdown Global Governance

UNderstanding : The Digital Gulag |

: A two hundred year plan to control every aspect of human life. exposes this world plan, now better known as .

For one mother, a brief meeting with led to conducting a dedicated investigation of the Global Biodiversity Assessment (hosted by the UN here, archived online here and academically reviewed here): over 1,000 pages detailing a dystopian plan for the world.

Researcher, exposes the details of the declared globalist plan to control every aspect of our lives. We need to understand that nothing is safe from globalist control: not health, , justice,  and water, , energy, economies, cities, land, sea nor air.

Sandi identifies the ultimate plan. The élites will own everything, and every man, woman and child is to be connected to the metaverse—an artificial world where data is everything and the human mind is merged with the computer.

Sources and links

Source: Sandi Adams Agenda 2030 Part 1 | UK Column

Source: Sandi Adams Agenda 2030 Part 2 | UK Column

Source: Sandi Adams Agenda 2030 Part 3 | UK Column


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