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Who is Bill Gates?

The TRUTH about the Gates Family – 17 Jan 2023 | Really Graceful

Grace investigates the murky world of everyone's favourite computer programmer turned billionaire philanthropist, .

We know him as the nerd who has so selflessly appointed himself in charge of the physical wellbeing of our future, which has a lot of us wondering, who was before ?


Intro 0:00-1:56
Who was Bill before ? 1:56-16:41
More on Bill's biography, diving deeper 16:42-29:40
and power behind the Gates Foundation 29:44-35:00
Bain Company, Monsanto & Mitt Romney 35:01-45:10
How to beat the , identify the men in black and WHO FUNDS THEM, follow the : 45:11-59:28
Mitt Romney Bain Company donates to BLM 59:30-1:00:08
The achilles heel 1:00:09-1:01:09
Farmland ownership 1:01:10-1:07:30
Monsanto roundup found in bodily fluids 1:07:48-1:08:37
Why did the media turn on the Gates family? 1:08:38-1:19:52
forms ministry of truth 1:20:00-1:26:20
Bills 11th reddit AMA 1:26:21-1:32:37
Outro: 1:32:37-1:34:37

Source: The TRUTH about the Gates Family – YouTube


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