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Mike Yeadon – The Drugs Don't Work – 9 Jun 2024 |

is that rarest of entities – a former executive whose conscience over-wrote any concerns about money or status causing him to become a highly vocal whistleblower.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former executive and whistleblower, has been a vocal critic of the “” pandemic response and the safety of “ ”. Despite his credentials and the significance of his claims, he has faced significant backlash and been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Background and Credentials

Few are better qualified than Mike to know of the damage that the so-called “Covid” injections were designed to do, having worked until 2011 in such areas of R&D at the pharmaceutical giant . The body count that has piled up since their launch is nothing short of a holocaust, he maintains.

Dr. Yeadon received his PhD from the University of Surrey and worked as a vice-president at 's allergy and respiratory research unit. He was responsible for the selection of targets and the progression of new molecules into human trials. He later co-founded the biotechnology company Ziarco, which was sold to Novartis for $325 million in 2017.

Whistleblower Claims

Dr. Yeadon has made several controversial claims about the so-called pandemic and , including:

Claims About the Pandemic: He claimed that the pandemic was “effectively over” in the UK and that there would be no “second wave” of infections. He also stated that healthy people could not spread the reported SARS-CoV-2 virus. Yeadon has since gone further, claiming there was no pandemic at all. 

Vaccine Safety: He has claimed that “ ” are unnecessary, unsafe, and could cause infertility in women. He has also suggested that mRNA “” could target the syncytin-1 protein needed for placenta formation.

VAERS Data: He has cited the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database to support his claims about vaccine safety.

Mainstream Media Response

Despite his credentials and the significance of his claims, Dr. Yeadon has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. His views have been amplified on social media and by some alternative news sources, but he has not received significant coverage from major news outlets.



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