World Economic Forum Promotes ‘Smart Mask’ that Sends ‘Alerts’ if You Don’t Wear It | Neon Nettle

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world economic forum  wef  chairman klaus schwab is the man behind  the great reset
(WEF) Chairman is the man behind ‘

Digital face ‘mask of the future’ sends alerts when users ‘forget to put it on’

The powerful elites of the  (WEF) are promoting a new “smart mask” that connects to the user’s smartphone and sends “alerts” if they “forget to put it on.” WEF is hailing the invention as “the mask of the .” It is pitching it as a 

“smart mask that can track your breathing and let you know if you are wearing it wrong or even if you forget to wear it at all.”

In a video posted to the WEF’s official account on Wednesday, the globalist group, whose chairman, , is the man behind ,” boasts that their new “smart face mask” can track every breath its wearer takes.

It hypes the smart face mask which was designed by the Chinese Communist Party-linked health data firm, CirQ Technologies.

The smart mask tells you whether you’re wearing it properly, when to wash it, and alerts you via a sensor linked to a cellphone app if you’ve left it at home.

the  smart mask  is linked to your smartphone and sends  alerts
The ‘smart mask’ is linked to your smartphone and sends ‘alerts’

The environmental benefits of the mask are also touted as it would cut down on the number of disposable that end up in landfills, according to Summit News.

The fact that the mask can keep track of whether or not you’re wearing it let some respondents to suggest it could eventually be tied into a Chinese Communist-style social credit score system.


In China, the state has already linked its coronavirus tracking system to its social credit score program, dishing out punishments for those who fail to mask up or violate social distancing rules.

Another user noted how the promo video inadvertently admits that dioxide is a significant health threat posed by too much mask-wearing.

The billionaire club appears to be pinning its agenda on the “new normal” being a of permanent mask mandates. 

wef elites have been pitching plans for the post covid future
WEF elites have been pitching plans for the post-COVID

In his book, : , WEF founder  asserts that the world will “never” return to normal.

Schwab also made it clear that is an integral part of .”

He said that the would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.”

Source: World Economic Forum Promotes ‘Smart Mask’ that Sends ‘Alerts’ if You Don’t Wear It | Neon Nettle


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