INTERVIEW: James Delingpole on Deep State Conspiracies, The Great Reset and Political Control | Rebel News

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DELINGPOLE: God is on Our Side

The Great Reset and Political Control – 11 January 2022  | Rebel News

Rebel News’ Lewis Blackpool speaks to James Delingpole, podcast host and creator of The Delingpod. James has extensive knowledge on subjects such as COVID, The Great Reset, governmental power and climate change.

“Fear is a fruitless emotion. Terrible things maybe coming but you’ve just got to face up to them and if necessary die like a viking.”

James Delingpole

The main topics of discussion include The Great Reset and how it is NOT a conspiracy theory, a conversation on the WEF (World Economic Forum), Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and how they are obsessed with eugenics and finally, what direction James sees the country going in this current climate.

“I hate using the word ‘elite’ because it makes them sound like they’re special but they’re not. They’re just low level scumbags who happen to have lots and lots of money and power and a tremendous sense of entitlement.”

James Delingpole

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You can check out all of James’ materials on his website here.

Source: INTERVIEW: James Delingpole on deep state conspiracies, the Great Reset & political control – Rebel News


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