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Globalist Infiltration

, Vol. 47 – 30 Jan 2022 |

A few conversations emerged recently (from around 2007) where he is openly bragging about the rising influence of his and his ‘Young Global Leaders' initiatives, which the latter is coincidentally and perhaps predictably co-founded with his daughter Nicola Schwab.

In this episode of , Wilderness shows those interview snippets and goes screenshot crazy via the 's website in an attempt to clarify whether his bragging was justified or not… alas, unfortunately, it was, as you'll see if you watch the video or do your own digging.


Think of your country's/city's key players, talking heads, religious leaders, pop artists or media moguls and the chances are they have a role with the , either directly affiliated, a “change maker”, or someone who writes articles for them as an “agenda contributor”.
Search for them here
Then compile the information and either make a video of your own, do a blog post, drop the info in the comments or come chat via Telegram:

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Music credit: Low “Lies”

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