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The Mirror Project dives into the activities of Bill Gates and his ‘charitable’ foundation.

Gates has proved there is a far easier way to real political power, a way that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy in ways that always generate favourable headlines – charity.

EP-3 – Bill Gates – Digital Dictators | The Mirror Project

“Mr. Gates has become in a way somehow a global health ‘tzar'”

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation invest in three key industries: technology, medicine and agriculture. Their three main funding areas are education in the USA, Global Health and Agriculture.

“Is it okay for billionaires to hide behind the label of ‘charity’ to escape any regulation or interference. Should we blindly trust these billion-dollar foundations that are more powerful and have a higher GDP than a lot of the nations around the world because they say their intentions are good?”

“Is there too much power in the hands of these unelected billionaires in shaping our public policy?”

Source: EP-3 – Bill Gates – Digital Dictators

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