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Unmasked – 02 Aug 2022 |

is a pivotal member of the Medical Mafia.

Dr. – who often appeared in front of task force briefings on behalf of the Trump administration – has admitted to doctoring data associated with the government's response, as well as quietly altering the Centers for Disease Control advice without authorisation, according to her own book.

“Our Saturday and Sunday report-writing routine soon became: write, submit, revise, hide, resubmit. Fortunately, this strategic sleight-of-hand worked. That they never seemed to catch this subterfuge left me to conclude that, either they read the finished reports too quickly or they neglected to do the word search that would have revealed the language to which they objected.”

in her book ‘Silent Invasion

Birx now says she knew all along that the Covid wouldn't work and admitted to subverting the US government (and tricking the world!) in multiple ways while on the Task Force. 

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Source: Deborah Birx UnMasked – I Bet You Don't Know This About the Scarf Lady


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