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Royally Roasting Billboy Gates

Bill’s Manufactured Clown World – 15 May 2022 |

A rapid deep dive into many areas of ’ influence over his manufactured clown world.

There’s a lot of sources for this one, every single one is posted below.

Sources and links

2017 CBSN:

Gates backs

Chemical clouds:

War against greenhouse gases:

UN Taxation:

Formula shortage:



Michelle Egger:

Bill invests in

Bill bets on lab-grown meat:

Shift to synthetic meat:

CRISPR meat:

Bill’s breasts:

Bill’s Farms:

Bill’s money manager:

Cascade Investments:

Gingko Bioworks:


Dakota’s Immunity Certificate white paper:

Dakota Gruener

Dakota @

Institute of

Planned Parenthood interview transcript:

Testicle blasting:

Wireless birth control:

Population award:

UN population funding:

Repeat vaccinations:

5th Booster:

Disinfo team:

GERM team:

WHO Pandemic Treaty:




Source: Bill’s Manufactured Clown World | J Wilderness

Source: Bill’s Manufactured Clown World | J Wilderness – Odysee


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