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The World's Most Dangerous Idea – 18 Feb 2024 |

has been described as “The World's Most Dangerous Idea” by .

In a 2004 article, Fukuyama expressed concerns about the transhumanist ideal of making enhancement options universally available, fearing that it could lead to social and political implications, such as stigmatisation and discrimination against or on behalf of technologically enhanced individuals.

The concept of involves using technology to enhance human capabilities, potentially leading to longer, healthier lives and improved cognitive abilities. Fukuyama's objection to is based on the belief that equal legal and political rights are incompatible with human enhancement, as he argues that it could undermine the essence of human equality.

Fukuyama's argument against revolves around three assumptions: the existence of a unique “human essence,” the idea that only individuals possessing this essence have intrinsic value and deserve equal rights, and the concern that enhancements advocated by transhumanists would eliminate this essence, thus jeopardising the basis of equal rights.

Despite Fukuyama's concerns, proponents of advocate for the ethical and responsible use of technology to enhance human capabilities, emphasising the potential benefits such advancements could bring to society while acknowledging the need to address associated social justice issues.


00:00 World Govt Summit 2024
06:51 4th Industrial Revolution & Digital Immortality
08:36 “The World's Most Dangerous Idea”
24:10 : Who is in Control & Who Benefits?
30:28 A Deal With The Digital Devil

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