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Creating an ‘Intercepted North Korean Propaganda Film' that Attacks Western Propaganda.

Lessons in : – Jan 2014 |

In 2003, New Zealand born found himself more and more critical of everything he was seeing, reading, and hearing, and wanted to get to the bottom of the ‘united recipe behind all the lies'.

He set out to make a film about , despite never having made a feature film before. Slavko worked in secret for almost a decade, with zero funding, through two major earthquakes, three different jobs, being hospitalized with a heart infection, and an with the Counter-Terrorism Unit before the film was finally launched on YouTube.

“Right now we are the most propagandised people in history and it has never been more important to ask questions.”


Although Slavko anticipated a strong reaction to the propumentary, the resulting real-life scenes that unfolded will have you wondering if they were also part of a movie: Slavko and his small team were investigated by the South Korean government, accused of being spies, and some were even ostracized by their community leaders for having taken part in making the film.

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Source: Lessons in Propaganda: Slavko Martinov at TEDxChristchurch – YouTube


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