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Unravelling Lies

, Vol. 59 – 16 Oct 22 |

We've come full circle. All eyes on the evil-doers. This video acts as a necessary historical record. Congratulations if you make it to the end of this difficult watch.

Wilderness continues to compile evidence of our descent into absolute Clown World.

Never forgive. Never forget.

Sources, references and links

Note some footage was taken from previous “” episodes. Full series playlist here:


James Corden:

The Vax-Scene: 

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 

White House: 


Gene Simmons:

Toronto Star:

Ryan Air:

Bob Carr:

Karren Brady:

Nora Colburn:

Noam Chomsky:


NHS poster: 

Booster UK press:

IRL visits:

Kids schools:

Benjamin Butterworth:

Emily Sheffield:

Mike Dewine: 

Anne McElvoy:

Arthur Caplan:
Samir Singh:

Drew Western:

Nick Cohen:

Sara Kayat: 

Military punishment:

NHL punishment:

Andrew Alyeska:


Juliette Kayyem:

American support:


Child restrictions:


Mocking anti-vaxxers:

Natural Immunity “dangerous”:

Transplant denial:

Colbert x Fauci: 

Queen, selfish:


Paycheck deduction:

Army cuts off:

Tax the Unvaxxed:


Still pushing:

Audio used:

  • Squarepusher “Tommib” [montage]
  • The Hives “Hate to Say I Told You So” [outro]

Sources and links

Source: Good Morning Clown World, Vol. 59 – YouTube

Source: Good Morning Clown World, Vol. 59 – Odysee


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