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Anti-Vaxxers of the World Unite!

What did we get so wrong? – 20 Aug 2022 |

Let us take a moment to review the despicable Covid™ hate merchants promoted in the media to attack and abuse the suspicious .

The nasty demons crawled out of the slime and were happy to reveal themselves. To recap: the should be fined, denied healthcare, stripped of their freedoms, denied their right to bodily autonomy, forced to isolate, prevented from going to work, going to the supermarket, taking part in leisure activities, using public transport and from going outside entirely, they should be forced to wear a badge identifying themselves as , they should be labelled as snowflakes, cowards, idiots, losers, misogynist, racist, killers, and the enemy, they take up space, they shouldn't be tolerated, they should be locked out of society, they roam around spreading viruses and we should piss them off.

For those that saw through the disgusting and lies and resisted submitting to 's weird DNA modifying clot shot, we salute you.

Never forgive. Never forget.

Source: What did we get so wrong?


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