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Think of the future that you want to create.

Gregory Paul Martin – November 5th, 2021 | The Delingpod

is a British writer/producer and actor of stage, film and television. He is the eldest son of Beatles producer Sir George Martin and the half-brother of the music producer Giles Martin and currently writing the book ‘’.

Conspiracy Theory / Conspiracy Fact

“The fact of the matter is that when you look at it historically, conspiracies have literally run right up to the present day.”

“It is true that the phrase ‘’ was weaponised in 1964 by , the head of the , who actually was one of the people who masterminded the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, that’s where it comes from, that was when it first began to be used as a term of ridicule, before that it was an excepted idea because conspiracies are real.”

“Conspiracies have run .”

We’ve Already Won

“They are terrified, and there’s a tiny core of them, it’s really true.”

“What we’re allowing to happen right now is that there’s a tiny core of really fucked up human beings, who with completely demonic connection, to dominate the entire world and actually do the bidding of the spirits, it’s literally like “we’ll give you the whole world” but they’re actually terrified because if we do wake up collectively, which we have to do, and take back the power, they’re gonna be running for their bunkers in a hot New York second.”

“These people are so pathetic.”

There Is No Fixed Future.

“What you believe about the future is the most important thing. Think of the future that you want to create.”

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