President Trump Posts ‘The Plot To Steal America’ and YouTube Deletes It | Opinion

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Trump posts ‘The Plot to Steal America' and the cabal takes a deep breath | The_Void

Breaking: President Trump fightback kicks in …

President Donald Trump fired up the propaganda fightback on Christmas Eve, as he posted a powerful video from ‘Man in America' on his YouTube channel.

The video, entitled ‘THE PLOT TO STEAL AMERICA' is a scathing critique of the and , suggesting that they are being used as a Trojan horse to undermine democracy by ignoring and censoring evidence of fraud in the US Election, ultimately pointing the finger at corrupt corporations, corrupt politicians, and the Chinese Communist Party.


The Real Virus

From ‘' | :

“The Greatest threat we are facing right now is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies but one that's invading our country and our minds.”

On discussing and mainstream news coverage of the US election, the host, says,

“Even president Trump's tweets are ‘fact checked' and censored, and his press conferences are interrupted and cut off. Think about what this means, the president of the United States is being censored by US companies. This whole thing reeks of corruption. Not just corruption but treason.”

's ongoing of a sitting president


Imagine living in a world where every main stream media organisation and Big Tech are duplicitous in silencing the President of the United States.


How Would You Know About Fraud?

Holehouse asks, where's the evidence?

“Let's assume for a moment that just a fraction of the filed reports are true, if and didn't let you see or even talk about them, how would you even know? If our Election was stolen and our government was overthrown and yet they kept it all hidden, how would you know?”

Then asks the question,

“If mainstream media can completely control public opinion and the flow of information, including from our president, does the truth even matter?”

Holehouse goes on to say,

“It never mattered that the majority of Americans chose President Trump on November 3rd and it doesn't matter that their fraud is more obvious than 's mental decline, because when you control every single channel of information, nothing else matters.”

“Right now, big media, and big Government are blanketing us with the narrative that Biden won, while censoring all evidence of fraud and concealing the very real truth that the United States of America is facing the greatest threat since the American revolution.”

“As the founding fathers knew all too well, the moment we no longer have and a free press to keep the Government in check, we no longer have a democracy.”

“They are not fighting with guns and bombs, they are fighting with words, ideas and narratives, because what they are fighting for is our minds.”

The Enemy is Already Inside the Gates

Holehouse concludes, “Our enemies snuck in during the night and tried to use the media to lull us to sleep while they stole our country but instead they awoke a sleeping giant.”

“They tried to trigger a great reset but instead they triggered a great awakening.”

“We will not look back five years from now and tell our children that we did nothing as our nation was stolen.”

“We will tell them that we fought for and won our freedom, just like our forefathers in 1776.”

Trump is one of those leaders history throws up once in a thousand years. Fearless. Unbuyable. Committed. Courageous. Steadfast.

A man who believes in two things. America and its people. Trumpism has no ideology other than putting country and people first, whatever it takes. As the President said,

“It's either Trump or the Communists.”

It is yet to be seen if will take Trump's video down. It would be amazing if they did but it wouldn't be surprising. has become Skynet and Trump is John Connor.


The Night Of The Long Knives

UPDATE: bans the President's post on Christmas day after the video had received over a million views.

As you can see, the tech tyranny escalates. This is war.


Source: The Plot to Steal America | Man In America


Mirror: The Plot to Steal America [mirrored]


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