Mark Crispin Miller: Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions | USA Watchdog

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The Covid crisis was the result of many hands

Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions – Mark Crispin Miller – 17 June 2023 | USA Watchdog

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with NYU Professor and propaganda expert Dr. Mark Crispin Miller.

“The more you fixate on the spectacle that the media constructs and the less you look at reality, the more likely you are to be hypnotised.”

Mark Crispin Miller

Professor Mark Crispin Miller (MCM) teaches media studies at New York University (NYU) and is an expert in propaganda.  Dr. Miller says just about everything concerning Covid was a “propaganda masterpiece.”  This masterpiece was a murder, disability and sterilization program with more than 675 million CV19 bioweapon injections in America alone, according to the CDC.  Could they have pulled off the murder of millions with the CV19 bioweapon/vax without the Lying Legacy Media (LLM)?  Dr. Miller says,

“Oh, absolutely not. . . . Let me quibble a little bit the term the ‘legacy media’ by which you mean the New York Times, the Washington Post, the TV networks and so on.  It’s what we often call the mainstream media or maybe it’s better to call them the corporate media because they are less and less mainstream and more and more eccentric.  It isn’t only those outlets that were all unanimous in pushing the Corona virus panic, the masking cult, the vaccination drive and so on, but also the ‘Left’ Press.  I wrote for them years ago and appeared on ‘Democracy Now’ as a guest.  The ‘Left’ Press has been almost impossible to distinguish from the New York Times and the rest of them.  This helps us understand why and how so many people fell for this.” 

The Cv19 bioweapon injection lie was not a one-off event.  Propaganda in America has been going on for a long time.  A turning point for lying to the country was what happened in the aftermath of the JFK assassination in Dallas, Texas in 1963.  MCM explains,

“There was the smashing success of the CIA’s drive to make ‘conspiracy theory’ the phrase of choice, to dismiss inconvenient notions, to dismiss taboo ideas. . . . In 1967 . . . the CIA sent out its memo ‘1035-960.’  It’s online and anyone can find it.  It instructed all the CIA station chiefs worldwide to use their propaganda assets and friends in the media . . . to start attacking the writings of these few investigators who started to raise really good questions about the Warren Report, concerning the assassination of JFK in Dallas. . . . Their problem was people pointing out the Warren Report was completely incredible.  It was laughable. . . . The Executive Summary of the Warren Report didn’t seem to bear any resemblance to information in the other volumes.  There were all kinds of contradictions within it, and it didn’t make any sense.  They were basically calling for a new commission.  What did the CIA do?  It got its people to mount a covert propaganda drive where politicians and journalists started to take potshots at these critics.  They called them ‘conspiracy theorists.’  This term was never used before 1967 . . . and what it meant was you are crazy. . . . There were many (CIA) talking points in this memo.  One was you were echoing communist propaganda and that kind of thing.  This was a wildly successful operation, and it did not stop. . . . That phrase would continue to be used and was used after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.  It was used after Martin Luther King’s assassination.  It was used during Iran Contra. . . .  conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, it was used certainly after 9/11 . . . .and now if you quarrel with an outcome in an election, you are a conspiracy theorist. . . . To be called a conspiracy theorist is a form of mockery.  It’s the whole tin foil hat thing.  You are kind of crazy.”

MCM says building a propaganda network over decades had to happen for the widespread acceptance of the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  MCM says,

“The conspiracy propaganda drive is one thing that had to have happened for the covid nightmare to be successfully realized.”

MCM says there is come good news and that is the LLM or ‘corporate’ media is losing power dramatically.  MCM predicts there will be so many deaths and disabilities from the CV19bioweapon/vax people will wake up, and “It will be impossible to keep this going.”

In closing, MCM says,

“We need an accounting.  We need justice.  This is too atrocious for words. . . . To the extent we take pleasure in others’ suffering, we are maintaining division.  As long as we are divided, we are screwed.  This is the oldest trick in the imperial playbook.  ‘Divide and conquer’ . . . . This is a key to their continued success.  We have to stop going after each other’s throats. . . . We should be going after their throats.”

There is much more in the in-depth 1-hour and 4-minute interview.

There is lots of free information on Dr. Miller’s Substack, including his popular “Died Suddenly” reports.  The data is collected every week from the U.S. and more than 2 dozen countries around the world.

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Source: Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions – Mark Crispin Miller

Source: Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions – Mark Crispin Miller


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