Is Nurse Who Collapsed After Taking Vaccine ‘Live on TV’ Dead? | Investigation

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Did Tiffany Dover Die After Taking the Pfizer vaccine?

Imagine Taking a Deadly Vaccine For a Non Deadly Virus | The_Void

Twitter and social media was on fire today with rumours and claims that the young nurse who took the Vaccine live on TV has died of complications. Social media has been buzzing with ‘ dead' news after the nurse was seen taking the 's vaccine live on air and then collapsing.

Many people have volunteered to take 's vaccine, and Tiffany happened to be one of them. However, things went tits up for her after she fainted on live television and now people have started questioning the credibility of the vaccine after seeing this madness play out.

Adding to this drama is the fact that, there has been no confirmation made by the family while at the same time, no official statement about her health has been released. As of now, the news about her death could be just another social media hoax that is making the rounds, or on the other hand, the story may have some merit. Would Big Pharma and want you to know if a nurse had died from their vaccine?  Why haven't the family or someone close to the family gone public about her health, especially during a social media storm? This does not make much sense and can only exacerbate the concerns over her condition after being live-stabbed on TV with deadly toxins.

Also, despite the claims that CHI Saint Joseph Health have denied these reports, there still appears to be no mention of the matter on either their website or Twitter account.

This from the Sun

Calling CHI Memorial about

Some media outlets are reporting that Tiffany fainted due to the pain of the injection and not anything to do with the vaccine itself. Some are blaming a condition called, Vasovagal Syncope.

What they expect you to believe here is that The , Big Pharma, and The Globalist Cabal were dumb enough to use a nurse prone to collapsing and having allergic reactions to and other medications during a live mainstream media propaganda drive to encourage people to take this terrifying, untested vaccine. Not even Owen Jones is that gullible.

USA Today are similarly dismissive, reporting:

CHI Memorial Hospital has repeatedly confirmed that Dover is alive and well. The hospital tweeted its first update on Dec. 19:

“Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family,”

the account wrote.

USA Today report that on Dec. 21, the hospital also shared a video of Dover and her colleagues, some holding signs that read

“Nursing Leadership Supports Tiffany” and “#CHIMemorialStrong.”

And then there is always this…

Source: Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover found on Ancestry dot com! Confirmed, she is dead!

Dead or Alive?

Basically, the proof that Tiffany is alive and well consists of a couple of posts on an un-viewable private Twitter account that shows a person who's clearly put on some weight and had a makeover.

At The_Void, we require a little more information before deciding conclusively one way or the other.

To be continued…

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Source: Tiffany Dover with nursing Leadership

Source: Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover found on Ancestry dot com! Confirmed, she is dead!


Source: TIFFANY DOVER DEAD!! Another Vaccine Casualty via LETHAL INJECTION


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