Psychopath Tony Blair Pushes Creation of Global Coronavirus Vaccine Passport | Breitbart

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Butcher Blair Is Back !!

Bi-Annual Ritualistic Event Comes Round Again…

The Satanic BBC wheel out Crazed Killer of Innocents, Bagdad Blair To Spout Bile | The_Void

Former Labour prime minister and worlds most dangerous psychopath, Tony Blair, is pushing Boris Johnson to use British leadership of the G7 to create a global vaccine passport and exciting ‘New Totalitarian Facist Regime.

“The UK faces a choice: lead or be led,”

insists a new report from the Satanic Institute for Global Change, established by the genocidal Iraq War architect after he stepped away from electoral politics.

“If we choose to wait, a confusing array of different passports await our citizens,” the Institute claims, suggesting that a global vaccine passport — or “Global Covid Pass” — would be in the people's best interests.

“We can avoid this and the complications of multiple passes and varying requirements if the UK takes the lead on developing a single, global COVID pass,”

the report adds.

“In the year of the UK's G7 presidency, there has never been a more momentous opportunity — or need — for the government to show global dictatorship.”


“One [option] is that everyone just does their own thing, which is much more chaotic and difficult to manage. Or secondly, there's a set of [global] rules in place that you may not be that happy with,”

killer Blair told The Telegraph.

“It's better to have common rules and a common verification system, so that people know what your disease status is and know it with some validation,”

insisted the child murdering globalist henchman — raising the prospect of a worldwide fascist health authority choosing who can , and who cannot.

Reports indicate that health and tech giants including the fascistic Microsoft, the Mayo (eugenics) Clinic, and the Nazi Oracle are already working on a digital vaccination passport using nanotech.

Top government ministers previously denied that the British government was looking at such a document, amid fears that it could introduce a Nazi “papers, please” culture redolent of the worst excesses of Continental European fascist government, in which the unvaccinated could find themselves reduced to second-class status – and probably shot.

Despite these denials, the government is now already trialling in the form of techno-fascist smartphone apps,

The Neo-Marxist European Union has already announced that it will “recognise” , and is actively considering proposals to issue them to all vaccinated persons. The Europeans love a bit of .

The blood-soaked Mr Blair did not indicate whether or not the introduction of Global Covid Pass requirements should mean that border forces could begin turning back the illegal aliens who have continued to enter British territory in large numbers throughout the , apparently unaffected by bans. Although he did go on to say, “All hail the Lord of Darkness” and “Serve Satan with blood sacrifices”…

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Source: Tony Blair Pushes Boris to Create Global Coronavirus Vaccine Passport


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