Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Warns Against Vaccine Mandates and The ‘New World Order’ | Planet Lockdown

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Planet Lockdown speaks with Carlo Maria Viganò, an Archbishop of the Catholic Church.

| Full Interview – September 2021 | Planet

Only a few short years ago, who could imagine a high-ranking member of the ecclesiastical community taking to the global media to warn the public about the danger of ‘experimental genetic' vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, media terrorism, the complicity of Pope Francis in Klaus Schwab's Great Reset global coup d'état, the Rockefeller Foundation's Lockstep Plan, and how the climate change deception is being used to accelerate an elite agenda for a New World Order, and much more.

American veteran journalist Robert Moynihan discusses these and many other issues with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

“The smoke of Satan entered the church over sixty yours ago with the council and I would say even earlier.”

Viganò has been in secret seclusion for the last 4 years over a combination of his speaking out against in the church and entering retirement. His detractors accuse him of personal ambitions, but regardless, the man has a powerful message and is one of the most contemporary controversial and critics of our our current situation and of the Catholic political hierarchy. Planet ask Viganò about the current situation and how can we historically understand it in context. A must listen to understand where we are today.

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Source: Archbishop Viganò Warns Against Vaccine Mandates and ‘New World Order'

Source: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown


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