Dr. David Martin – Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine? | Man in America

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Government is Corrupt to The Core

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine? – Dec 2021 | Man in America

speaks to , PhD, a visionary whose discoveries have treated numerous diseases. A global finance expert. A man who has brought powerful white-collar criminals to justice and invented life-changing medical technologies.

Why does this man who has worked so closely with Congress think that wasn't a freak act of nature or lab leak, but a plot years in the making? What criminal patterns has he seen before that are showing themselves again on the world stage?

Most importantly of all, Seth asks Dr. Martin the question on everyone's minds: Why is President Trump continuing to push the vaccine even as people keep having adverse reactions? What's really going on?

“This is a wilful act of domestic terrorism and I have been more than happy to hold the possibility that Trump was poorly advised but I'm running out of patience on that story very quickly.”

“You do not promote a thing that is known to harm and kill young people, old people, to create myocarditisis in the youth, you do not promote that and still have any modicum of ethical bones in your body.”

“It's bad for business to be on the wrong side of the drug dealers.”

Dr. David Martin

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Source: Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?


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