THE AGENDA: “A Controlled Demolition of the Economy to Prepare for an Economic, Socio, Geopolitical Reset” | Sunday Wire

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Listen to “Episode #355 – ‘New Year Harbingers’” on Spreaker.

Episode #355 – ‘New Year Harbingers’ | Sunday Wire

Patrick Henningsen of the Sunday Wire brings us bang up to date with the ongoing Coronarama drama and preparations for the impending reset. 

In a short, post-Christmas broadcast discussing the ‘global pandemic’, Henningsen says,

“The PCR test is the mother of all frauds, that’s the whole bogus testing regime that all of this is built on and ‘the Vaccine’ is an incredible snake oil job, epic, the biggest ever in history.”

“Then you have the whole concept of ‘The Pandemic’. You can thank the World Health Organisation, they rewrote the definition and lowered the bar on how a ‘Pandemic’ can be declared and made it a ‘Global Pandemic’.”

“The World Health Organisation, a private entity, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the biggest founder, has rewritten their definition of ‘herd immunity’. They have just deleted natural herd immunity and now say that herd immunity can only be reached through vaccines.”

Henningsen goes on…

“The testing is bogus, the diagnosis is bogus, a lot of what we’re facing is mislabelled overhyped and within an atmosphere of general paranoia and hypochondria, and very little of it is true.”

Rounding up the , Patrick concludes,

“There’s also people driving an agenda. The agenda is global, It’s about regulating travel, it’s about requiring people to have ‘digital passports’ for immunity, it’s about crippling the economy, it’s about a controlled demolition of the economy to prepare for an economic, socio, geopolitical international ‘reset’.”


Source: Sunday Wire on Spreaker

Source: Episode #355 – ‘New Year Harbingers’ with host Patrick Henningsen – 21st Century Wire


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