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Kathleen Stock OBE | So what you’re saying is… | New Culture Forum

It’s a view held by most people, so why has it become so controversial to state that trans women aren’t women?

On this episode of “So What You’re Saying Is…” Peter Whittle is joined by Prof. Kathleen Stock OBE, professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex and author of the best-selling book: ‘Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism’.

Prof. Stock discusses the issues of sex vs. gender and gender identity, and explains how trans activists, arguing that gender is psychological not physical, now claim that womanhood & manhood are genders in a social, rather than biological, sense.

“This gender stuff is kind of profoundly stupid “People with a cervix” is no less of a descriptor, it’s arguably more reductive and even more dehumanising and certainly doesn’t take you out of the biological realm so I think the whole thing is preposterous.”

Kathleen Stock OBE

She discusses the possible motives for Stonewall’s decision to become so actively involved in trans rights, as well as the vilification of its outspoken critics such as Germaine Greer and Julie Bindell. Prof. Stock has herself been the target of campaigns to silence, cancel and no platform.

Prof. Stock also discusses the negative impact the more extreme trans rights positions are having on women (changing rooms, public toilets, prisons etc.) as well as the young, and gays & lesbians.

Ironically, the main thing the fanatical trans mob fail to realise is their disgusting misogyny, misandry and homophobia | The_Void

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